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Once upon a timE...
 photography enthusiasts met in the mountains. They were dreaming to master their skills and bring back home a remembrance
of a stunning southern country called Georgia.

On their way they
met a Fairy…

She promised to teach them everything she knew of photography theory
and how to use their cameras like a magic wand.
'In 9 days all of you will be true masters of photography!', she said.

So they went
on a journey…

They went far far away over 1 000 kilometers. On the way friends passed by ancients ruins and castles, and witnessed them amazingly changing under the light of the golden hour.

They were lucky to meet
hospitable locals…

...who were greeting them as old friends. They invited young adventurers
to a table and cheered them with a glass of red Georgian wine.
9 days the wine
flowed freely

...and churchkhella was melting in their mouths.
'Remember my lesson', Fairy repeated.
'At first, set the ISO and enjoy your meal after.'

Even in the darkest times
they were able to find a light...

...Repeating one after another one magic word 'Expocorrectum!'
And secret vintage halls were lighted by thousands flashes.

SOMETIMES friends were laughing,
sometimes they were scared...

... And all of that time they were learning. The wise fairy shared
a secret with them: 'To become a professional photographer, you should feel
the world truly. Try to catch the moment. Go with the flow and enjoy it.'
Finally they have
made it to the top...

...They saw new endless horizons. The team recognized
their own talents and felt the power to climb any mountain.
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Fashion Buyer
I will never forget how we woke at 5 am to catch the sunrise at the mountain Kazbegi! It was the most challenging route and we climbed to the top in silence. It was really difficult (especially with huge heavy cameras), but with all the support of the team, you felt like you could do everything! 💙
A super mix of studying and travelling, inspiration and Georgian wine! There
I started to understand all aspects of photo theory and organised the knowledge in my head! "Peredvizhniki" are #onelove! ❤️
Graphic Designer
This is more than a photo trip!! When people come together with absolutely different backgrounds and were ready to share knowledge with each other from different areas...Crazy experience! My favourite moment is how I changed a dress in a van for photo shooting in an abandoned hotel, where flowers grew from the floor!.. Can't describe how wonderful this country is! 💛
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